World Religions

By Jessica Lomas

Backround information

-Hinduism- Pantheistic

** They recognize the existence of Brahman, the unifying principle and supreme reality behind everything.

** There are 4 purposes in life to the Hindu Religion:

Dharma:fulfilling one's life purpose, Artha: prosperity, Kama:desire,Moksha-enlightenment

** Follows the sacred texts called "Veddas" that are concerned with mythologies& rituals of the religion.

**Holidays: Diwali,Holi, Mahashivaratri


** Holy book is The Bible

**Three Churches: Catholic,Protestant,Eastern Orthodox Church

**Holidays: Ash Wednesday, Lent,Advent,Christmas,Easter,Good Friday,Thanksgiving

** One purpose in life: To know,Love and Serve God


**Holy book is the Qur'an

**Their God is called Allah

**Purpose in life is to please Allah to be rewarded with paradise



**Holy book is the Tipitaka

**Purpose in life is to end all suffering

**Believe that a God did not create the world or rules it

*Holidays: Buddhist New Year,,Vesak (Buddha day), Festival of Floating Bowls,Elephant Festival, Ancestor Day


**Holy book is the Torah

**Believe in God

**Believe that humans were created in the image of God

**Holidays: Hanukkah,Yom Kippur,Passover,Rosh Hashanah

Religious Practices


•Baptism.-it grants or symbolizes salvation, cleanses away sins, confers grace.

•Sign of the cross.- signifies belief in the holy trinity (the father, the son and holy spirit).

•Eucharist (communion).- commemoration of Christ’s instructions to share his body and blood (bread and wine) given the night before his death.

•Holidays.- to celebrate or commemorate the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, and other holy historical events.


Celebration to focus on:Diwali

Diwali is one of the Hindu holidays that consists of a lot of colors,light,dances, and is a very interesting cultural example of what Hinduism is