Endless Gratitude

A Tribute to my Supporters!!!

I did it and it scared me!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do I begin???? In June I committed to raise $3,800 and run a 1/2 marathon for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America. What was I thinking?? I saw many of our constituents do it and I thought--hey I can do that! I ran a 1/2 marathon so no hardship there and raising $3,800 piece of cake!

What did I learn?? I have such an amazing support team--thank you for those of you who came to multiple fundraisers, bought jewelery, attended happy hours, bought pampered chef, pure romance, made straight up donations, delt with my "reminders" via text or facebook, read my countless facebook posts, cheered me along....all were what kept me going. Also--thank you to the many hosts--Katie Ramirez, MaGerk's, Beata, Melissa, and Beth.

Tomorrow is our final fundraising and I have raised $3,764....$36 dollars away!!! I am so thankful--so I am asking one last time if you haven't had a chance yet to donate go for it now!!!


Again--I have learned so much and such admiration for those who are so dedicated to fund raise every season. So, thank you to those who are dedicated to the CCFA!!!!

Muchas Gracias mis Amigos!!!