Robert Boyle

Man of science; Man of God

Father of Modern Chemistry

A philosopher born in the 17th century He was a chemist, alchemist, and physicist. Born in Ireland; died in England. He helped found the royal society after the British civil war. He wrote intensively on natural theory, and believed that God created the universe.

Young Years 1627

"He, by God's blessing on his prosperous industry, from very inconsiderable beginnings, built so plentiful and so eminent a fortune, that his prosperity has found many admirers, but few parallels."

-Robert's Father

Robert was the youngest son of fourteen children and most favorite child. He was the son of an Earl of Cork. At the age of eleven he was taken out of school and tutored at home. Soon after he went with his brother Francis on a tour of Europe with his tutor. With Robert return his new passion that he dedicated his life to writing and scientific research.

Soon the British civil war out broke. Boyle's father had joined this war and fought the Irish. Soon Robert's father had died and he had inherited the estate.


Robert Then moved to oxford and joined the invisible collage. Then together Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke worked together and created the air pump, made for air combustion and the transmission of sound. But during these times they were hard for Robert the civil war had also made if had for him not to chose sides. At the end of the war the Irish were defeated and Robert went to tend to his new estates there; he had become a very rich man. Boyle also proved the relationship between volume of a gas and its pressure; this later became Boyle's law.

Boyle wrote a book called the "The scepitcal Chemist" argued against Airstotle that the four elements were not firethat the four elements were not Fire,Water ,Earth, and Air. He believed that matter was composed corpuscles which themselves were differently built up of different configurations of primary particle. Many though of his works were over shadowed by Newton. The sceptical chemist laied the foundation for modern chemistry.

Boyle remained faithful in God and in this field. he believed both can go hand in hand.Soon Robert became a owner of a company for the christian gospel.

He moved to London with his sister and soon suffered of a stroke. This though didn't hinder him of his experimentation. Soon Robert died of poor health and died on december 31, in 1691


Robert boyle impact on today's society was a big one. He moderized chemisty ; making the subject that we all love available. Though many of his theories and projects were over shadowed by Newton, Robert still remains the Father of modern chemisty.

Greatest accomplishments

One of Roberts greatest accomplishments is his vacuum or Boyle's law. He also wrote may significant publications . One of Robert's greatest works was the 'Sceptical Chemist'; in return it changed the natural thinking of the four elements. Robert Bole was one of the founding Father of the Royal society of London. Also the ideal gas law that Robert formed states that for a gas of constant temperature, changes in pressure are inversely proportional to i's changes in size.

Fun Facts

1. Was always in poor health

2. was never married

3. was the youngest out of fourteenchildren

4.some say he suffered from some blindness

5. spoke two languages by the age of 8.