Maycomb Local News

Tom Robinson accused by raping a white women and Atticus is defending him cuz he is an lawyer. Therefore, Cecil Jacob said "Scout Finch's daddy defends niggers" which is pretty strange at that time. People think Tom Robinson is absolutely going to lose that court and Atticus thinks he's going to lose to. However, the reason of why Atticus is defending him is He wanted make the thing for right way.

House of the city was burned down

Ms.Maudy's house was burned down

On Wednesday night, Flame went up in the quiet town. It was Ms.Maudy's house. Most of neighbours helped to save her furniture. Few minutes later from the house was on fired, fire truck comes and stops fired from spreading. Therefore house bured to the ground. The causes of the fired unknown.

The local two kids found mysterious knothole

In 1934, between September and December, the children started to find items from in knothole at Mr.Radley's property. The items what they found are A ball of grey twine, Soup figures, chewing gum - twice, a spelling b medal, an old pocket watch, an indian penny. Previously, they found chewing gum and an Indian penny. The mysterious thing is they found those in same place. The person who put the items is unknown.