By Logan Storey and Ali Beaver


Alot of events have taken place here lately in Messina. The biggest even was Claudio and Hero's, daughter of Leonato, wedding. The wedding was runioned by Don John, he had planned to wreck Claudio and Hero's relatonships. He had staged himself(Don John) to be caught by Claudio with Hero's maid Margret, who looks a lot like Hero, in Hero's room right in front of Hero's window the night before Hero and Claudio's wedding. At the start of the ceremony Hero came out and Claudio said no to "do you take the Hero as your wife" and then make a big scene by pushing Hero down and throwing stuff around and yelling "she is not loyal, and she is not pure". It was under investigation however now there has been a conclusion. Dogberry( investigator) proved that it was false information however in Claudio's eyes it was true. In the end Claudio and Hero had there wedding and got married however, there was a little prank involved in the even, Claudio and everyone was told that Hero had died due to the stress from the even. However he was told that he could have Leonato's brothers daughter who was a spitting image of Hero. What they did not know at first was that it really was Hero. Also Benedick and Beatrice also was tricked into loving one another, they also ended up getting married at Hero and Claudio's wedding. The only one left that never got married was Don Pedro, the one that set up both relationships.