MISD Classroom and Technology News

Volume I - Issue 3

Malakoff ISD Classroom Technology Update

This update will go out from time to time and will highlight new technology and show how other teachers in the district might be using technology to improve classroom instruction.

Tech Tool of the Month

Google Classroom

Now that all campuses have access to the Chromebooks on campus, it's time to start thinking about setting up a Google Classroom for your students. Google Classroom is a platform that will allow you to distribute assignments to students and allow them to turn them into you digitally. No more giant stacks of papers to take home and grade! I'll be happy to come by and help you get started as well as help model to students on how to properly use classroom. Just send me an e-mail and I'll set up a time to come help.

The basic instructions for creating a class and adding students are below.

Here is how you create a class in Google Classroom:

1. Sign into Classroom at classroom.google.com

2. Click on the top of the page and click create class

3 Enter the class name in the first text box

4. (Optional) Enter a short description in the second text box, such as class period, grade level or class time

5. Click Create

To add students to your classroom:

  1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
  2. Click the class you want to add students to.
  3. At the top, click Students.
  4. Click Invite.
  5. Check the box next to the students you want to invite or check the Select all box to invite all the students listed.
  6. To see other contact lists, click My contacts.
  7. To see all the students in your school's domain, click Directory. You can also search for a student by name in the search box.
  8. Check the box next to any additional student you want to invite.
  9. Click Invite Students.

Note: The class list is updated to show the names of invited students in grey. Invited students receive an email. To be added to the class, the student must click a link in the email or sign in to Classroom and click Join on the class card.

You can also add students by giving them a class code and letting them add themselves:

  1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
  2. Go to the class page. The class code is on the left of the stream.
  3. Send an email to students with the class code or write it on the board in your classroom.
  4. Give the students these instructions:
    1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
    2. On the Home page, click .
    3. Enter the code that I gave you in the box and click Join.

To reset the code or disable it, click the code and select Reset or Disable.


ReadWorks is an online resource that offers thousands of authentic reading passages that are searchable and leveled. They contain both fiction and non-fiction passages that are paired with questions. This is a great resource for teachers looking for reading passages that will help students prepare for the STAAR and EOC tests.

A video explaining how it all works is below.

Intro to ReadWorks

A Handy iPad App Chart for Teachers

If you are looking for a specific iPad app that might help you with a project or concept you are teaching in your class, this chart might help you find what you are looking for. This resource was created by an Ed Tech expert to help teachers better find what they might be looking for.

The chart can be found by clicking here.

Good Videos for Social Studies

Below are some good sources for Social Studies videos. Use these to help supplement your lectures and class readings:

Hip Hughes History - Short, upbeat lectures on topics in US History and World History

Dan Izzo - Has uploaded more than 3000 videos to his YouTube Channel. Mostly on US and World History

PBS Video - High Quality documentaries, especially the American Experience

Crash Course - excellent videos on U.S. History and World History. The videos are fast-paced ten to twelve minute overviews of major concepts and themes.

Online Grammar Lessons with GrammarFlip

GrammarFlip is an interactive, online resource aimed at helping students of all abilities learn, practice and master English grammar concepts. This free resource allows teachers to create online classes and assign grammar lessons on particular topics. Kids then complete the exercises and results are sent to the teacher.

Set a 1 on 1 Technology Appointment

If you would like to set up an appointment with me, click here and fill out a form. I will contact you and set up a good time to come meet with you. I can help you with learning a new program, website or figure out a way to implement technology with a lesson you already have.

Mike Burns

Director of Curriculum and Classroom Technology

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