French Advertisement

Alyson Piskulic

What is Advertising?

  • Advertising is the practice of calling public attention to a product, service, need, etc.
  • There are four things the French society tries to include in most of their ads, something that catches people's attention, humor, romance, and they want the ad to be entertaining.
  • France also does a lot of online and comparative advertising which is when one is comparing one product or service to another.
  • Advertising helps people know about the availability and affordability in human needs of food, shelter, clothing, education, and health care.
  • Advertising influences people by impacting the choices we make and the choices that are available to make.
  • A seller would try to convince a client to buy a product or service by repetition, making claims about the product, promotions or telling the customer to join the crowd and that many other people are using it.
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French vs American Advertising

  • Product: Wii U
  • Target Audience: Kids or children
  • The goal or message is to that the Wii U will come out in November and it has a brand new controller.
  • What makes it interesting is the new controller and pictures they show.
French Oreo Commercial (w/ English Subtitles)

French Commercial

Product: Oreos

Audience: Kids, Family, or anyone

The goal or message is to be with your family and that Oreos bring people together.

What makes this interesting is how the girl is taking the Oreo apart and showing her father.