Under Water World of Sea Turtles

By Lara

Sea Turtles' Enemies

Sea Turtles have several enemies. Sea Turtles' eggs have lots of enemies like dogs, cats, raccoons, boars and ghost crabs.The enemies to adult Sea Turtles are people and Tiger Sharks. People need to be respectful to Sea Turtles. They can do this by not littering and being careful of their eggs. As you can see, like all animals, Sea Turtles have enemies too.

A Sea Turtles' Life Cycle

All creatures have a life cycle and so do Sea turtles. Sea Turtles can live 50 to 80 years in the wild. Sea Turtles can live to be 100 years old or more. It takes 6 weeks to 2 months for Sea Turtle eggs to hatch. Many other Sea Turtles have the same life cycle too.
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Sea Turtle Food

Turtles and Sea Turtles eat many things. Green Sea Turtles eat algae and sea grass. Some Sea Turtles eat sponges and jelly fish. Land Turtles eat plants and insects, like dry seaweed and grasshoppers.This is what Sea Turtles eat.

How Sea Turtles Move

Sea Turtles move in all different ways. Sea Turtles have powerful flippers, so they move really fast in water. They also use their flippers to move on land. It is easier for Sea Turtles to swim then to walk on land. That is how Sea Turtles move.

Where Sea Turtles Live

Sea Turtles live in all different places in the world. North America, South America, India, South Africa and Australia. They also like to live in warm places. They migrate 1,400 miles between their feeding place and their nesting place. That is where Sea Turtles live in the world.


  1. Algae- A type of plant in the sea
  2. Sponges- Part of a coral reef
  3. Flippers- A body part on Turtles and Sea turtles
  4. Migrate- When Sea Turtles lay their eggs very far from their nesting place