Percy Jackson Series

By: Rick Riordan


The fourth book of the Percy Jackson series is one of my favorite books. The Labyrinth is a maze where there are traps, dead ends, and scary monsters that could end your life. The Labyrinth is a terrified place depending on what place or part you are in the Labyrinth in the Percy Jackson the battle to Labyrinth the book says when you enter the Labyrinth you wont be able to see about 2 feet away from the distance you are at.
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Sea of Monsters

The book Sea of Monsters is the book where Percy found his half brother who is a baby cyclops. But when Percy finds Tyson that same day Percy has nightmares of Grover in the Sea of Monsters where a Older Cyclops capture Grover. Towards the end Percy find out that the Older Cyclops is brothers with Tyson and Percy. Mostly all the Cyclops are going to be Percy's brother because Poseidon has kids as Cyclops.