Maker Monday v2.8

Design Thinking, PBL, & Other Tinkering: News from the d.lab

Saber Spotlight

Lower School: Tour the d.lab for Making

Thank you Leticia Pister, Gena Pass, and Jeni Messina for being the first LS teachers to book a tour of the new makerspace!
Click Here to Book a Tour

Lower School Only

Middle School: I haven't forgotten about y'all!

I'll be sharing details about tours, lessons, and projects in the makerspace at today's faculty meeting.

On Discovering, Trying, Failing, & Growing

The article below captures the spirit of the Maker Movement, which believes that it's important for kids to be "fearless learners" and develop the confidence (backed by skills) to navigate an increasingly complex world.

Upcoming Projects

Cindy Miller and her ELA classes will be visiting the d.lab soon to use an app called DoInk for a project on settings in literature. Along the way, her students will learn about and use their own "green screens" which are used in most Hollywood special effects.

Lego Bricks Needed

If you have any Lego bricks that you'd to get rid of (standard size, not Duplo), I'll gladly take them for use in the makerspace. Please share this with your classes!

Have a great week!

Here's the link to this Smore if you want to include this in your class newsletter: