What's Happening in 4th Grade!

October 8, 2013


In math, a few students are still finishing up place value projects. We are also looking at ways to organize data. We counted how many raisins are in an individual box. Then we made a line plot to organize our numerical data. We will be learning how to represent two different sets of data on one line plot or graph. Students will also take a multiplication preassessment. We will be reviewing multiplication concepts and practicing fact fluency before moving on to multiplying larger numbers. Now is a great time to review those multiplication facts!

In writing, students are reading and writing patterned books and poetry. Some students are writing ABC books with themes varying from food to soccer to colors to animals for their younger book buddies, while others were inspired to write patterned poetry.

During social studies, we reviewed the continents, oceans, map components (compass rose, map scale, map key) and learned about latitude and longitude. We know that the equator is 0 degrees latitude and that the prime meridian is 0 degrees longitude. The other latitude lines are north or south of the equator and longitude lines are east or west of the prime meridian. We also used google earth and atlases to explore how to pinpoint locations by finding where the latitude and longitude lines intersect. Google earth is an outstanding online resource for geography. Ask your child to use it to show you around our planet!

Please continue to have students practice their word study words each night at home. Be sure to check your child's Tuesday Folder each week for his/her graded online spelling test!

Important Dates:

October 9 - Unity Day! Wear Orange and Walk/Bike to School Day

October 14 - Boxtops Collection Day - Please continue to collect and send in boxtops!

October 18 - Picture Day

October 25 - End of the 1st quarter

October 25 - Harvest Festival, 5:00-8:00

October 28 - Teacher workday

Room Parent Request

Our class Room Parents are as follows:

Ms. Adams - Tricia Ross

Mrs. Albertson - Kellie Carter

Ms. Hamel still needs a room parent. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact Ms. Hamel.

In order to coordinate classroom and school events, our room parents will need contact information for the families in their child's class. Please let us know the best way for room parents to contact you (email or phone) as needed during the school year. We will compile your responses and share them with our respective room parents. Please respond by Friday, October 11th. Thank you!