Krystal Benitez

My Individual Action Plan Inspired By The Film, Rudy

Setting goals

My academic goals are going to collage or an university I will work hard for this. My athletic goals are working out more to get in shape and to get up when I get tired and try again. My personal goals are that I won't let anybody get in my ways of doing things and I won't let anybody tell me what not to do.

Overcoming Obstacles

Some of my physical obstacles are that I might get tired to try again or get lazy. When I get hurt is another obstacle because I have to stop working out to heal. My family obstacles is that they say it might be hard for a girl to go to college. School obstacles is that my friends say it might be to hard and they could be a distraction to me. Financial obstacles is that my parents could not have money to help me out so I might need to get a job.


Someone I could trust to help me out is Mr. Jezowski. My cousins and my mom are some relatives that could help me out to they could give me advice. All my friends could help me out to they could cheer me up to do what I want to do. And they could help me not to give up on myself.

Personal Action Plan

I have to have a positive attitude to not give up and to try my best I have to think of my future. I will do extra credit and ask more questions to help me understand things better. I will practice everything to help me out I could ask my parents to help me out to. To help me study I could ask more questions and I could tell teachers that I need help on something.