The Dangerous World Of Smoking

(Interview with a non-smoker)

Then interview questions

Interviewer: Linda Jenkins (my mom's friend)

1. At what age do you remember refusing an offer to smoke?

Answer: I refused to smoke at the age of 17

2. Where were you when you were offered the smoke?

Answer: When I was at school, my friend gave me a cigarette and so I tried it.

3. Why did you decide not to smoke?

Answer: Because of collapse lung also called

pneumothorax. What Pneumothorax is a collection of free air in the chest outside the lung that causes the long to collapse.

4. Did you know smoking was harmful to your health?

Answer: Yes because I was learning in school

5. Did you have any friends or family members who smoked?

Answer: Yes

6. How did you feel when you saw or knew other your age smoking?

Answer:It was their own personal choice

7. Have any of them had any problems related to smoking?

Answer: No

8. Have any of them tried to quit smoking?

Answer: Don't know

9.What happened when they stopped smoking?

Answer:Don't know

10.What advice do you have about smoking for someone my age?

Answer: My advice for someone my age is beer for your health gives you bad breath, Smoking is like liking ashes.

Quitting Smoking Timeline

Now interview questions

1. When did you start to smoke?

Answer: When I was 25 I had started to smoke

2. Where were you when you had your first smoke?

Answer: I was at school

3. Why did you start to smoke?

Answer: I started smoking because I never tried smoking so then I was offered one, so I then I got addicted

4. Was there a favorite brand you smoked?Why?

Answer: I did not have a favorite brand.

5. When did you quit smoking?

Answer: 20 years ago.

6. Why did you quit smoking?

Answer: Health issues and collapse lungs

7. How difficult for you to quit?

Answer: Very difficult, it makes you feel sick and uncomfortable when you haven't had it for a while. No wonder people find it hard to quit.

8. What helped you quit?

Answer: My doctors persuaded me to quit