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Apple - Think Different Commercial

My Challenge to You...

Take a moment and think back to our first faculty conversation this year. My main message to you was to "think outside the box." In order for us to become a great school we have to look at everything that we are doing differently. We must ask, "Is this the best way", or "How does this need to be adjusted to meet the needs of my students?"

The Apple commercial reminds us of people that dared to think differently, dared to challenge the status quo, dared to be innovative in the face of failure. These are the people that achieved greatness.

A willingness to "think outside of the box", to question "the way we have always done things", and to "be willing to fail" are all things that you can do each day to reach greatness in your teaching practice as well as in your students' learning.

Be a dreamer; be a risk-taker; be an innovator. Remember that I told you all, you have permission to fail. If you do fail, don't wallow in your failure; pick yourself up; learn from it and turn that failure into a success.

To become great, we must defeat the enemy of great... good.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.




At least 3 grades (including 1 Academic Achievement grade) must be recorded and reported by the end of the 3rd week progress report;


Chili Cook-Off Awards

The judge's trophy

The faculty favorite trophy


Week at a Glance

Monday: Jersey/Sports Day; Oakwood Chili Cook-Off; Fire Drill 2nd period; Grades due @ 4pm

Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Hawaiian Day; Progress reports go home

Thursday: Orange & Black Day

Friday: Neon Day