Micahel Vey Rise of the Elgen

By Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey

Michael and his friends succesfully get his mother out of the Elgen building, but as they are leaving Dr. Hatch takes Michael to a prison cell within the building. While in the cell, Michael is interigated and asked where his friends escaped to. Since he wouldn't cooperate with Dr. Hatch, he tried telling him his friends abandonded him and now he has no one left. Meanwhile, Michaels friends are making a plan to go back in and save Michael. This is important because his friends could've just ran off and got help from someone but they decided to help.

The Whole Story

At the beginning of the book, Michael and his friends get some valueful information from a unanomous voice from a phone only Michael can use. They then get even more information and figure out Micahel's mother is in Peru. Him and his friends fly to Peru and break into thus building to get his mom. They find his mom and leave the building, but as they are leaving Dr.Hatch grabs Michael and wants to feed Michael to rats. Michael is about to get eaten when the water for rats blows up and all the rats died from the extreme heat. Michael is leaving and can't find his friends but he finds a tribe in the amazon. He sleeps for the night and wakes to hear that his friends got caught by the Peru Army.