New Years

By: Mohammed Ceesay & Emily Hammond

Who Celebrate's New Years ?

Christians, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, and French

When do they celebrate New years ?

Christians- December 31st - January 1st

Buddhist- first full moon in January

Jewish- Begins at the sundown of the first day and lasts till the sundown of the tenth day


Christian: Discovered in Mesopotamia around 2000 years ago.

Buddhist: The new years holiday was discovered in India.

Jewish: Rosh Hashanah wasn't always Jewish New Year

How celebrates - Customs

Buddhist- A festival day normally begins with a visit to the local temple, where one offers food or other items to monks and listen to a Dharma talk.

Jewish- Sends traditional messages to each other. For example "May you be written down for a good year". Exchanging each other good wishes to each other and pray for good health to everyone.

Christian- They talk about their new years resolutions and get drunk, have a bunch of fun, and play fun games.

How it changed ?

Every religion and its belief had its own share of tradition in how the people of the religion celebrated the holiday.


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