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Educational Apps for High School Students


We all know that when you get to high school, there is a tonne of information to memorize, especially in those demanding science courses. Flashcards+ allows you to create your own custom flashcards which are not limited to only text. Add a picture, a formula, or whatever else will help you remember the terminology. Don't have time to make these flashcards? You can also download flashcards made by other students at Flashcards+ also has the ability to shuffle the cards, and you can share your own flashcards with your friends too! With Flashcards+ available on all Apple devices, you can be studying on the bus right up until you reach your exam! How perfect is that?

Job Interview Question and Answers

This app is perfect for students enrolled in CALM courses or any CTS: Business courses. Job Interview allows you to record yourself while answering an interview question. If you didn't feel comfortable with your response, you can watch Peggy McKee (CEO of Career Confidential) answer the question. Here you can learn from your mistakes and try answering the questions over and over again. You will also have free access to contact Peggy McKee for one on one advice. What better way to get your questions answered from a woman who's life is dedicated to career development?

FX Math Solver

This is the PERFECT app for high school math students! Stuck on a complicated math equation? Type it into the Math Solver. The program will guide you through step by step on how to solve the equation. It will also produce notes that you can refer back to. Some of the problems Math Solver can compute are: factorization, trigonometry, functioning, graphing, and much more! It also provides both a scientific and graphing calculator for your own use. I wish I had access to this when I was in high school!

Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

One of the requirements for students enrolled in Personal Finance 10 is to create a budget. Mint Money Manager can help students keep track of their spending, remind them when their bills are due, learn to spend smarter and teach them about various investment options. When creating a budget, the app will give you both your daily and monthly spending limit. It can also access your own bank account and will provide daily tips on how to save and where to invest. It is something I could easily incorporate into my Personal Finance courses to go along with the topic on building a budget.

Shakespeare App

This app is ideal for any student studying Shakespeare in Junior High or High School. It contains 41 plays, 154 sonnets, and 6 poems. There are various search options to find the text or line you are specifically looking for. The neat thing about this app is that it contains an integrated glossary. You simply tap on a word you do not understand and it will define it for you in today's English terms. You also have the ability to add notes, highlight, and share your notes with classmates. There are also integrated study materials on tips for reading scansion and poetry terminology. This app takes Shakespeare to a whole new level!