11 Different Types Of Poems

Sidney Garrison

Hakiu Poem

A nice breeze of wind

Blow away, so far away

Cooling my nice hair


Blazon poem

My hair like a dark shadow

My eyes like a dark night

My attitude like a black hole

My energy like a solar blast

My courage is weak as a dying star

My poem like a asteroids field

And long is the milky way

I am the place that keeps planets in balance

I am the universe


Limirick poem

There once was a boy who sang A

He hit the crowd with a bang A

The crowd began to cheer B

Right next to a deer B

He sang on top of a crane A


Acrostic poem

Sweet short kid

Inactive sports player

Down right cool

Not always in trouble

Excited about everything

Your best friend


Color Poem

Orange is a nike box

Orange is the color of the sun

Orange smells like a delightful candle

orange taste like a coconut fresh from a tree

orange sounds like the beautiful ocean

orange looks like a nice pretty sky

orange feels like water on my face

orange makes me feel happy

orange is a delicious fruit


Makes me think of

Family makes me think of love

love makes me think of valentines day

valentines day makes me think of chocolate

chocolate makes me think of sugar

sugar makes me think of sweet

sweet makes me think of hearts

hearts make me think of family


Exaggeration poem

I was attacked by a giant spider.

It was standing right behind my door.

I screamed for hours calling for help.

All my family were out working.

It tried to bust through the door.

The beast grew wings and started to fly.

It looked at me with its giant red eyes.

Its giant jaw could crush metal.

I found some weapons in my closet.

Then I ran outside to get a good aim.

The spider came outside to get ready to fight.

I evaporated the beast with a giant laser gun.


Cinquan poem



Swallowing everything in its path



Personification poem

I am wind

Racing you everywhere you go

Sliding down, tons of mountains

Slapping you with a nice breeze

cooling down all the hot heat

Brushing all your hair back

I am wind


Ode poem

I really love my family.

They are always there when I need them.

They get me prepared for school.

When I need new clothes they are there for me.

When I need help with a project they are right there for me.

They always take care of me.


Rhyme scheme poem

I was a sad horse A

Eating a patch of hay B

Then I went to eat some grass C

Then there was a happy horse because of a sunny day B


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