Reproductive System

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The function of the reproductive system is simple: to keep the human race going. Of course this is very important to people; without it our race would be extinct! While a few people can live without parts of this system, as a whole, humanity cannot live without the reproductive system.

In both males and females, you find the reproductive system in the pelvic region of the body. The female parts of the reproductive system consist of the vagina, the uterus and the ovaries. The primary male parts include the penis, prostate and testes.

In females the ovaries produce the ovum which is fertilized by the sperm that is produced by the male testes. A fertilized ovum grows into a fetus which is housed in the uterus and delivered through the vagina.

How does it work with other body systems?

Like other body systems, this one requires basic things: blood, oxygen and nerve stimulation. So, it works with the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous sytem. It is also closely linked with the endocrine system, which makes hormones. These hormones start puberty and trigger the creation of sperm and ova.

Created by: Ms. Dobler

for her 7th grade Science students