Working Bikes

By Owen Dranfield

Started in 1998 by Lee Ravenscroft, Working Bikes is a company that donates bikes to people in developing countries. Working bikes started because they realized that perfectly good bikes were being thrown away and could be used to donate to charity. They so far have donated to countries in Africa and Central America, which most of their bikes donated have ended up in the hands of the kids in that country. Working bikes have so far donated thousands of bikes to people in developing countries. Their resources are ever expanding because people are now donating their old bikes to Working Bikes because they realaize that their bikes will eventually end up in the hands of some one in need in a third world country

Similarties and differences to my entrepreneur

Some of the similarties with Steven Chen/Chad Hurley compared to Lee Ravenscroft is that they did not start the company for the sole puropse of generating revenue for themselves, they did it because they wanted to start their own company. A difference between Lee Ravenscroft and Stevn Chen/Chad Hurley is that Lee Ravenscroft is into charity and Steven Chen/Chad Hurley are into to technology.