By Mary Wojcik and Kenzie Woods

Will Sprite help chia seeds expand larger than in water?

Hypothesis: If the sprite is added to the chia seeds, then they will expand larger than in water because the chemicals in sprite can fight bacteria keep them hydrated longer.


Glassware provides a good environment for the chia seeds by supplying insulation and maintaining one temperature. Sprite can help flowers kept in vases remain fresh for much longer than water. This occurs because the chemicals in sprite help fight off bacteria that may make the plants start to die. Sprite is also known to hydrate the plants faster than water ("How to keep flowers fresh longer", Huffington Post).

Our Variables

  • Independent variable: type of liquid
  • Dependent variable: size of chia seeds (measured by height of the liquid)
  • Controlled variables: amount of liquid and chia seeds, type of container used, amount of time soaked
  • Extraneous variables: how the chia seeds react and how much or how fast they expand

Materials we used

Our Procedure

Our Procedure

  1. Fill a glass cup with 15 mL of water

  2. Fill an identical second glass cup with 15 mL of Sprite

  3. Put 2 mL of chia seeds into the cup of water and then the Sprite

  4. Let the chia seeds soak in the water/Sprite for a full 24 hours, making sure you place them in the same location

  5. After the 24 hours, measure each cup separately

  6. Record your results to see which cup had more liquid


The chia seeds did not expand much at all in either container. The chia seeds in the Sprite started to grow a lot of mold. The chia seeds in the water actually started to sprout and grow in the container. The liquid did not rise at all, as the chia seeds did not expand.
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With our results, we concluded that our hypothesis was incorrect because the Sprite did not help the chia seeds expand more. Neither type of liquid caused the chia seeds to expand, and the Sprite actually made the conditions for the chia seeds worse by creating lots of mold. We were very surprised with these results.

If we could re-do this lab...

If we could do this lab again, we would not put a lid on the jars because it made the chia seeds grow mold. Or we would just grow the chia seeds in soil because the Sprite didn't have an affect on the chia seeds in the jars.