Mustang Message

Week of April 14, 2014

A Principal's Perspective

Take a look at the video clip from Apple. This gives me great perspective as we are interviewing teacher candidates for GP. As the Apple commercial illustrates passion through the example of poetry, this applies to us as educators and staff members of GP as well. We as educators are filled with passion about what we do. It is hard work that can't be done without passion. It is a noble pursuit to touch the lives of students each day. As we interview, I am hoping that we filter each candidate through the question of "What will their verse be as a member of the staff?" As you reflect upon the year, how will your verse read?

Have a great weekend!


Apple - iPad Air - TV Ad - Your Verse

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): Grant

Gym (7:20): Hastings

Cafeteria (7:20): Fortner

Bus (7:20): Lewis

Parent Drop Off: Reed & C. Anderson

Librarian: See e-mail from Heather about next week's schedule.

Counselor: Preparing for STAAR

Week at a Glance

Monday, 4/14: Tornado Drill

Thursday, 4/17: Awards Assembly; Relay for Life Jean Day

Friday, 4/18: No School!!!

Monday-Friday: Method students last week

News & Notes

  • In our administrative Success team meeting this week, we discussed Common Core Standards. Dr. Coulson emphasized that we use the TEKS to guide our instructional planning not the national Common Core Standards as per the Texas Education Code. He also stressed that when we use materials in the classroom such as a text, worksheet, workbook, etc. that it should not say Common Core on anything that we use in the classroom.
  • The CSISD Education Foundation will have approx. $80,000 in teacher grants next year! They are looking to award a grant up to $20,000 for a project that has two or more campuses. They will also have the grant applications on their website in May in preparation for next year. Grants through the Education Foundation or our GP PTO is a great opportunity to implement unique, creative projects in your class. Most importantly, the applications are easy to complete.
  • May 4th is national Lemonade Day. This is a great project to teach kids about entrepreneurship and business. We had a Lemonade Day stand at our rodeo this year. If you have the opportunity, please share with your students about Lemonade Day. See clip:
  • Classroom orders are due to Jenny by 4/25.
  • Office supplies are provided through the office. If you need any supplies, please see Jenny and or Deanne. If you notice that we are short on supplies, please let Jenny know so that we can keep our supply stock up and available for the next staff member.

Mustang Yee Haws!

Seven CSISD artists had pieces selected to advance from the regional event to the state event, including Shelby Lancaster (CSHS), Jenna Leeland (AMCHS), Katherine McDougall (CSHS), Becky Nam (CSHS) and Marta Pate (AMCHS). See picture below.

Congratulations to Tracy Brice for running a full marathon in Dallas last weekend! Margene Harrison ran a 10K at the Hells Hills endurance trail run. This event is a 10K in rough terrain and hills that make a tough run. Go Tracy & Margene!

Hmm - Something to Ponder...Only 6 more Mondays (7 if you include Memorial Day holiday)!