Network Topologies

Star, Bus, and Ring.

Ring Networks

A ring network is where information is transferred round all connected devices in a clockwise direction until it reaches its destinations. If the connection to one of the computers is interrupted, the network will break, and no-one in the network will get information transferred to them as the whole network is broken.

Advantage: Easy to set-up and use.

Disadvantage: Easier to break.

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Bus Networks

A bus network works like a ring network, but the information is routed to the computer which requests the information in the first place. If a computer is broken or not responding to the network, the network breaks, resulting in no information going in, or out, of the network.

Advantage: Information does not have to pass through all connected devices.

Disadvantage: Easily broken.

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Star Networks

A star network is probably the most reliable network available out of the three. From a central server, each computer has a separate connection, so if the connection is interrupted from a computer, the network still functions normally.

Advantage: Network won't break if a device is interrupted.

Disadvantage: Hub can break.

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