in the boots of George Wilson

By:Emory moser

The shoes

These shoes are Wellington boots that were invented in 1856 but this pair was bought on June, 2nd, 1890, were made of leather and industrial rubber, were ankle high, and arrived at George willams home on July, 5th, 1890
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A day in the life of George willson

Ever sence I've gotten these new boots its made work a lot easier especially sence I've had to put the still an extra mile away. At least no one has caught me scince I've started my "business". On top of that its gave me enough money to start building my cabin,I'm thinking somthin classy you know red wood, 2 story's all that junk. I've been thinking I've seen a whole bunch of deer around here and it might be useful to go huntin heck might even get my family over here and have us a fact crismas diner. Oh the dreams of this place I just can't wait for this patch of forest to become a lovely home.
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My connection to this George Wilson

George Wilson is "good' ol country boy" and I always wanted to be someone like him especially the part about living in the absolute middle of nowhere