The Obstacles of love


THEME: There are many obstacles before happily ever after.

Over the course A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena, one of the main characters, learned that the path to her true love was not as simple as it seemed. She journeyed from sadly desperate, to plotting, to confused, happy, and nearly everything in between. All of her emotions were due to the obstacles she faced trying to be together with Demetrius. The theme that Shakespeare is trying to show is how one often has to go through many different situations and feelings for everything to be perfect. He doesn't start the play off be having Helena happily married to Demetrius, they have to go through some actual storyline for that to happen.
Augustana - I still ain't over you

Song I: "I Still Ain't Over You" By Augustana

"Love may wash away the blues

But I Still Ain't over you"

In the very beginning of the play, Helena is upset because Demetrius loves Hermia, not her. Demetrius used to love her until he saw Hermia. Helena would definitely agree with the message of this song! She is still upset about Demetrius and would listen to this song whenever she was thinking about him. The theme of this song introduces the theme of the play relating to her of finding her love.
Ruth Moody - We Can Only Listen

Song II: "We Can Only Listen" By Ruth Moody

"...We cannot choose the ones we love

When our hearts they speak so loudly

We can only listen"

After she has decided to tell Demetrius Hermia is running away, she is relieved that she gets to see him. I imagine she feels a little bit guilty about betraying her friend and listens to this song to justify herself, especially the lyrics highlighted above. She is thinking that she just did what she had to do to see Demetrius and had no control over the outcome. In this play, it seems that one of the obstacles to love coming true is characters being unfaithful or kind.
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Song III: "You Belong With Me" By Taylor Swift

"You belong with me"

Helena is probably brooding alone between the time when she tells Demetrius Hermia and Lysander are running off and the time when she actually leaves to catch the couple. She probably spends some time imagining what she is going to tell Demetrius when she sees him, and listening to this song makes her think of trying to convince him to like her.

Lucy Kaplansky

SONG IV: "Don't Mind Me" By Lucy Kaplansky

"Don't mind me, I'm just a bit, a bit maniacal about you..."

"...It doesn't matter what you say, I just like the way you sound..."

Helena is upset chasing Demetrius again, because he continues to reject her. She is continually trying just to get him to let her follow him around like a dog. When Helena heard this song, she would be thinking about Demetrius and her feelings towards him. This is definitely one of the obsticals she has to overcome in her pursuit of love. I like to imagine Helena saying the two lines to Demetrius. This song clearly shows the biggest obstacle to love: Rejection!
Bap Kennedy - Moonlight Kiss

Song V: "Moonlight Kiss" By Bap Kennedy

"You got someone else"

"And I'd trade it all

On a night like this

Into your loving arms

For a moonlight kiss"

This is something I imagine Helena thinking about all night. All she wants is Demetrius, and that's the one thing she can't have. This is one of the few songs on her playlist that don't focus on something happening, but I think it is still important to the general theme of the play. This songs would probably be one of the most painful for Helena--it's pretty sad, and encompasses all of the obstacles to her happiness.

Taylor Swift - Mean

SONG VI: "Mean" By Taylor Swift

"Why you gotta be so mean"

When Lysander initially 'falls in love' with Helena she is very confused and very annoyed. She thinks that he is teasing her and pretending to love her. Helena would listen to this when she was wondering at just how annoying he could be. I don't think Helena would connect with the "Someday" part, but the line "Why you gotta be so mean" would definitely align with her feelings towards Lysander. This song advances the theme by showing how there can be obsticals with other boys in the midst of everything else going on.

Ms. Cicero: (Sorry for the second Taylor Swift song, but at least I didn't put a Dave Matthews one!)

MAGIC! - Rude


"Why you gotta be be so rude?

Don't you know I'm human too?"

Helena is even more annoyed when Demetrius wakes up and sees her. She has gone from loving him to being really annoyed by him. This song is pretty much a supplement to Mean as far as what Helena is thinking. Magic messing with people's minds is a theme more unique to A Midsummers..., but Helena's problem with people teasing her is a can be a common issue. I imagine her listening to this song when she is lost in the woods after the four lovers' confrontation.
Erin McCarley - Hello/Goodbye (+Lyrics)

Song VIIi: "Hello Goodbye" by Erin Mccarley

"..what am I, what am I to do.."

What's wrong, What's wrong..."

Helena feels rejected by Hermia when she thinks that she is causing the 'teasing'. She is also getting more and more confused by all these people acting so differently than the day before. This song mirrors what I imagine to be Helen's sentiments and feelings exactly. I think that one major obstacle to love would be being completely confused and annoyed by the other people, and that is exactly what is happening here. Everything is a all a terrible mess until...
Guster - Do You Love Me

Song ix "Do You Love Me" by Guster

"...I wanna wake you from your dream,

I wanna know just who you're talking to when you're singing' in your sleep

I wanna find out what it means

Do you love me?.."

Helena is happy and feels slightly confused and lucky when Demetruis loves her the next morning near the end of the play. At first, she isn't sure this is real, comparing him to a rare jewel. Listening to this song might make her question Demetrius's amazing new love for her. It seems that this always goes all long with love: The obstacle of questioning it!

OneRepublic - Good Life

Song x: "Good Life" By OneRepublic

"...This could really be a good life..."

Finally, at the end of the play Helena is happy! Everything has been resolved. Helena would probably listen to this song after the play has ended, and just remembering to herself the ordeal and feeling glad that it is all over! Listening to this song might make Helena realize that at the end of a ll the obstacles, there is always something good.