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Technology Application (TA) TEKS & Alignment Document

Lets look at what it all means.

There are 6 Strands

Creativity and Innovation: The

student uses creative thinking and

innovative processes to construct

knowledge and develop digital products.

(Make It!)

Communication and

collaboration: The student collaborates

and communicates both locally and globally

using digital tools and resources to

reinforce and promote learning.

(Share It!)

Research and information

fluency: The student acquires and

evaluates digital content.

(Find It!)

Critical thinking, problem

solving, and decision making: The

student researches and evaluates projects

using digital tools and resources.

(Solve It!)

Digital citizenship: The student

practices safe, responsible, legal, and

ethical behavior while using digital tools and


(Protect It!)

Technology operations and

concepts: The student demonstrates

knowledge and appropriate use of

technology systems, concepts, and


(Use It!)

TA TEKS K-2 and 3-5

Hand outs will be given or I can e-mail out forms.

Look on Alignment guide for integration with core subjects.

TA is NOT the teacher creating and using technology but technology in the students hands.

Where should we all start? Digital Citizenship


The Four C's, Technology, and 21st Century Learning. OH MY!

Above and Beyond

Collaborate, Communicate, Critical Think, Creativity