Cinquian and Qutrain poems

BY: Zowee and Jayden

Cinquian Poem history

The Cinquian poem was made by Adelaide Crapsey. It is a five line poem that does not rhyme. The word Cinquian is derived from the french word five. Adelaide Crapsey created the Cinquian poem in 1915.

How to write a Cinquian poem

1: The first line is one word which is the tittle of the poem.

2: The second line contains two words which are adjectives that describe the tittle.

3: The third line is three words that tell the reader more about the subject of the poem or shows action.

4: The fourth line has four words that show emotions about the subject of the poem and may be individual words or phrase.

5: The fifth line is one word that is a synonym of the tittle or it is very similar to it.

Qutrain poem

A Qutrain poem is a four line poem that alternate in rhyme.

The Qutrain poem was invented by Omar Khayyam. The word is derived from the french word Quatre, ehich means four. It was used as early as the 16th century in Ancient Rome.

The last word of the first and third lines have to rhyme , and so do the second and fourth. That was the line pattern ABAB. You also have to follow a line pattern usally identified as ABCD. Which is just writting about a topic. You can also have as many lines as you want, but you have to add them by four.

Our Qutrain poems


i love to run wild by the sea

feeling the wind threw my hair

there is know where i'd rather be

i could stay here all year without a care

I provide light for the plants to grow

I arise to my awakening nice, and slow

I light up the sky during the day

but at night the moon comes out to play

I am the show that falls in flackes

I swish around in the wind

I am the snow thta rusts your rake

I am the snow that makes your toes shiver