C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office

The Greater the Goal, The Greater the Sacrifice!

I heard the above quote for the first time this week in a conversation with Coach Woods. We were talking about student motivation and how important it is to constantly encourage students to be their best! He shared this quote with his class last week and you will hear it as our quote of the week. Anything in life that is great requires sacrifice! We should all want our students and campus to be the best it can be. Over the past few weeks, I have watched teachers sacrifice their time for student success. Whether it is SMART lunch mandatory tutorials or staying after school every day, these individuals understand that success is intentional! As we get closer to testing season, we are considering every opportunity to intervene. Have a great week KHS!

Information Station

Weekly Announcements

1. Thanks for the flexibility last week as I gave our students the Principal's State of the School Address. I have one more meeting with seniors tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Please wait for an announcement to release students.

2. On Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon we will have our TEA site visit for PBMAS. Part of the site visit will be to observe classrooms. Please do not be alarmed. Continue to teach our students. Remember, they are here to help us get better to increase student success of LEP and SPED students which can help all students.

3. Continue to monitor the hallways during passing time. If we all want our school to be safe, it takes everyone! If you are not out during passing time and on duty, it is a campus procedural violation.

4. We will do our dress code sweep on Tuesday of this week. But, do not wait until Tuesday. Check for dress code everyday. Remember our big 3! (Sagging pants, revealing clothing and shaving).

5. USH and Alg 1 interventions are taking place every week. AVID tutors and PALS may come to your classroom a few minutes (5 minutes) before the start of lunch to get tutorial students. Please allow them to leave your classroom. This is a sure way to catch them before lunch starts.

6. Administrators are looking at the CBA and MOCK scores for 9th grade students particularly. We may be considering some ideas for SMART lunch for all ninth grade students from now until testing is complete in May. Sometime this week, we may come to a few 9th grade teachers in KHS and ECHS to get ideas on what can be done to help them pass all three tests! I really do believe if we can do something, WE SHOULD! Remember, The Greater the Goal, The Greater the Sacrifice!

7. I will be out of the building this Thursday and Friday for a district-wide master schedule training (Mrs. Dockray and Ms. Paxton will join me). After this training, we will begin our process of building the schedule for next year.