Huntington's Disease


How Do We Get This Disease!!!

This disease is inherited trait in which the nerve cells start to break over time. The disease typically starts from the ages of 30 through 40. This disease does not have no cure but, drugs, physical therapy, and talk therapy can manage to help some symptoms.

The Symptoms Of HD

Cognitive: Mental confusion, Delusion, Lack of concentration, Amnesia, Difficulty of thinking and understanding, and memory loss.

Muscular: Problems with coordination, Involuntary movements, Loss of muscle, abnormally walking, increased muscle activity or muscle spasms.

Psychological: Anxiety, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Delirium or Depression.

Behavioral: Irritability, Lack of Restraint, Fidgeting or compulsive behavior.

Mood: Mood Swings

Also Common: Tremor, Impaired voice or Weight loss.

Specialist's Who Can Help

Physical Therapist: They restore muscle strength and function through exercise.

Neurologist: They treat the nervous system disorders.

Psychiatrist: They help treat the mental disorders.

Medical Geneticist: They make diagnoses and manage hereditary disorders.