Interview Tips

By Erika Bennett

Before an interview

  • Do research on the company.
  • Practice on how you will answer the questions.
  • Plan how you will get there so you can arrive on time.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can practice in your car.
  • Don't wait in the building it will be awkward for you and the person who is doing the interview.
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Interview Tips - What You Need To Do Before You Interview

During the interview

  • When greeting the interviewer shake their hand and say who you are and get their name.
  • Look them in the eye when introducing yourself.
  • Sit with good posture, no fidgeting, or messing with things on the desk.
  • Bring an extra copy of your resume and references and know what is on your resume.
  • Have 2-3 questions that you can ask the person about the company.
What Not To Do During A Job Interview
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5 common interview questions

5 common interview questions are

  • Why should I hire you?/How will you help the company?- Say things that will help you get the job not ruin your chance, so mention some strengths that you have that fit with the company.
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself?- Don't give them your whole life story just a few things you have done, like if you volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  • What is a weakness that you have?- Don't say anything that is related to the job and if you can try to tie it in with a strength that you have.
  • What is an accomplishment that you have?- Say something about an award that you have received.
  • Why did you leave your former job?- Don't say that you hated your boss, say you were needing a new challenge.
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After the interview

  • When you leave shake hand again and thank them for their time.
  • Send an email or a thank-you card to the interviewer.
  • If they don't tell you if you got the job ask if they will call you with the results in a few days.
  • If they offer you the job you DON'T have to take right their on the spot you can ask to thinking about it for a few days.
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Dress for the interview

Women can wear a skirt with a blouse, a dress suit, or a skirt with a blazer, they can also wear pants like slacks with a blouse. Don't show to much skin.

Men can wear slacks or dress pants with a shirt and sports coat or blazer, dress pants with a dress shirt with a tie that is not to distracting. Absolutely no sweats or shorts or yoga pants.

Interview Don't

  • Don't show up having not prepared, not knowing what is on your resume.
  • Don't slouch when sitting and answering questions.
  • Don't mess with stuff on the desk sit on your hands if you have to.
  • Know what who are applying for what they do.
  • Don't ask for a certain wage you might not get the job then.
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