Early Childhood


  • Need support,encouragement, and instructions to become independent
  • Parents relationship
  • Let the kids make their own choices with some boundaries
  • Democratic parenting style: support kid with clear limits
  • Authoritarian parenting style: controlling and corrective
  • Permissive parenting style: let child control situations
  • Sibling relationship
  • Frequent conflicts occur
  • With new born babies coming in may have a hard time with less attention


  • Kids may test limit in unsafe or unacceptable ways
  • Power Assertion: physical means to punish child's privileges (ex: grounding, taking toys away)
  • Induction: uses explanation to address a child's action
  • Love Withdrawal: threatening to remove love from caregiver and child's relationship ("Silent treatment", not being able to see caregiver, ect.)

Emotions,Play and Cultural influences

  • Children are easily pleased
  • Fears increase: afraid of the dark,doctor offices,loud noises
  • Temper tantrums increase
  • Functional play: repetitive motions moving toy cars
  • Constructive play: building blocks
  • With play comes friendship and learning to share
  • Gender identity: knowing if your a girl or boy
  • Parents show early influences on the child's life
  • Language and communication helps them with gestures and movements
  • Help interact with others
  • Slowly learn the right and the wrongs
  • Kids are at conventional morality