Hidden Girl

The true story of a modern-day child slave girl

Internal Characterization

Shyima was sad, overworked, and deprived of many things. She was sad because she had to go to the US and leave her family behind and go work for her family she works for. She was overworked because she slept few hours and worked more than she would sleep. She was also deprived of love, sleep and food because she didn't have her family to love her, she didn't get much sleep like I said before and she didn't get much food because she got 1 meal a night and it was just leftovers so it wasn't much. She was also confused because she was just 10 years old so she was confused why it would happen to her at such a young age.

Historical Connection

Shyima was worried when the 911 attacks happened because they were targeting Muslims because they carried out the attack. She was worried because she couldn't wear her head dress because they were targeted and she felt endangered.
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Important Vocab words

My vocab words are Muslim and Arabic. A Muslim is a person that follows the religion of Islam. This is important to the text because it talks about how Shyima is Muslim. Arabic means the language of Arabs. This is important because Shyima talks about how she doesn't know it very well because she didn't finish school and how her family she works for, speaks it.


When Shyima was with her family, she moved around a lot. She lived in small places like one room places with her family and many other families close around with limited bathrooms. She lived in Egypt. When she went to her captors house, she lived in a five story, gated, brick home on large grounds with many amenities. When the family decided to move, they moved to Irvine and lives in a gated community in a house with four rooms, that is two stories and Shyima lives in a little windowless room in the garage.


One conflict Shyima had was self to society. She was Muslim and she would generally wear a head covering because it was part of her religion. After the 9/11 attack Muslims were being targeted and she couldn't wear her headdress anymore. Another conflict she had was self to man because her captors were very mean and didn't care about her. They acted like she was no one and gave her unfair treatment.