Drop in the Bucket

Caleb and Ozzy

About the Organization

It started in Los Angeles the founder of it was Patty Ivins Specht. hey started this organization in 2004. The group of people spent most of their time in Uganda and South Sudan. Their main goal of their project was to provide clean water to those two countries, plus some other things like building new schools.

The Issues

Their mission is to build wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa, enabling youth to fully harness the life-changing power of an education. Their goal is to provide schools and communities with tools they need to improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality.
*1/8 people lack access to clean water
*More than 70% of the planets surface is covered in water
*97% of the 70% is seawater
*Only 0.08% is accessible to humans
*783 million people haven't had a clean glass of water
*4500 children die of water disease


What Can We Do

You can stay involved in 3 ways Move, Make, or Act
* Start a run around your community
* Start a swimming race
* Start a bike race
* Make a lemonade stand
* Make a bake sale
* Make a birthday/Christmas gift for one of the kids
* Recycle bottles and cans
* If you talk a lot go spread the word about Drop In The Bucket
* When you are at your computer check Facebook and twitter for Drop In The Bucket

Why should We

We should donate because they could be healthier country by getting cleaner water and maybe getting medicine to fix the sickness.
Drop in the Bucket School Outreach Video