Sales Promotion

by Jacob Chamberlain

Premium Item Give-aways

Teams and companies offer items to fans who come to support them.

For example, at a Rangers game, the first 1,000 fans get a free bobble head.

Contests & Sweepstakes

Companies will hold raffles, lotteries, or competitions open to fans and customers.


Sometimes companies offer a small amount or trial their product to get consumers to try their product, and they hope that the consumers like the product and buy more.
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Point-of-Purchase Displays

Companies put up displays of their product near the check out of stores so that all customers will see their product and hopefully decide to buy it.
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Special Events

Occasionally teams or companies will have one time events in addition the the primary event, such as an Atlanta Braves post-game concert. The special event is used to draw more fans who want to come for the game and the concert.


Companies offer discounts or bargains on their products to customers through coupons. Customers who like bargains will be more likely to purchase the product.