Dr. Matthews' Super News

October 2019

Dr. Steve Matthews, Superintendent

Thanks and Shout outs:

There is amazing work being done throughout our District everyday. I would like to take the time to recognize a few of our staff members.

  • To our amazing Human Resource Office - Kathy Donovan, in particular (our energizer bunny), who processes all of our new staff throughout the summer and early fall.

  • Michelle Zerial for helping complete the BIG Career and Technical Education (CTE) report with Sarah Lephart at the high school. Thank you for all that you help us with.

  • Evol Gazzarato and her staff for getting the new Cafe at the Novi Public Library up and running. This is a Novi point of interest and a must see.

If you know of any particularly outstanding staff, please let me know so that we can celebrate and recognize them.

Novi Athletic Powercat

Welcome Our Newest Wildcats

We would like to welcome all of our newest Wildcat family members. As mentioned above, Ms. Donovan has processed a number of new staff. If you see them out and about, please give them a warm Wildcat's welcome.

Diroff, Matthew - Band Teacher

Carino, Laura - Principal

Martin, Cheryl - CARE Aide

Berman, Rebecca - Special Ed Teacher

Huebler, Samantha - ESL Teacher

Archibald, Alexandra - 1st Grade Teacher

Belsky, Brittany - 4th Grade Teacher

Beltz, Robert - ESL Teacher

Candela, Laura - Special Ed Teacher

Capatina, Natalie - 2nd Grade Teacher

Christen, Jamie - 3rd Grade Teacher

Culbert, Rachel - 1st Grade Teacher

D'Ambrosi, Sarah- Special Ed Teacher

Flynn, Brittany - Science Teacher

Franciosi, Gabriella - Social Worker

Giese, Stephanie - Math Interventionist

Haskill, Joseph - Adaptive P.E. Teacher

Holewinski, Julie - Special Ed Teacher

Kang, Rachel - Math Teacher

Khalil, Laura - ELA Teacher

Loney, Amber - Kindergarten Teacher

Massey, Kassia - 4th Grade Teacher

McGinn, Brenna - Special Ed Teacher

Middleton, Rebecca - Special Ed Teacher

Mimbs, Danielle - 2nd Grade Teacher

Oquist, Olivia - 4th Grade Teacher

Osborne, Gwen - 3rd Grade Teacher

Radtke, Lindsay - 5th Grade Teacher

Sowders, Erica - STEM/Computer Teacher

Taub, Carly - 4th Grade Teacher

Trinka, Amanda - 5th Grade Teacher

VanRemortel, Jesse - Science Teacher

Evans, Kelly - Secretary

Westra, Lindsey - 6th Grade Teacher

Cottrell, Amber - Special Ed Teacher

Gunes, Jessica - ESL Teacher

Koenig, Danielle - Social Worker

Patterson, Alison - Spanish Teacher

Perelli, Mia - 1st Grade Teacher

Schopieray, Kristen - Receptionist/HR Asst

Keblaitis, Kristin - Special Ed Para

Nelson, Stephanie - Special Ed Para

Ellsworth, Gloria - Shared Time Teacher

Olvera-Velazquez, Guadalupe - Noon Aide

Kaur, Majinder - Noon Aide

Bailey, Natalie - CARE Aide

Carey, Amy - Noon Aide

Selvam, Preetha - Noon Aide

Jaros, Nicole - CARE Aide

Kammerer, Justina - 1st Grade Teacher

Crouson, Erin - Adult Ed ESL Teacher

Gleesing, Donald - Maintenance

Ambrose, Gregory - Event Worker

Smith, Jason Thomas - Auditorium Tech

Bash, Thomas - Lifeguard

Blankstrom, Karen - Special Ed Para

Czischke, Alison - Social Worker

Lua, Aihua - Noon Aide

Brake, Matthew - Lifeguard

Steele, Ryan - Auditorium Tech

Balla, Sally - Noon Aide

Liu, Yan - Noon Aide

Imarah, Tamara - Special Ed Para

Vangaveti, Lakshmi - Noon Aide

Valenzuela, Teresa - Noon Aide

Meyers, Lisa - Noon Aide

Bond 2019 Facebook picture

2019 Bond Proposal and Sinking Fund Vote

If you are a Novi Community School District resident, please vote on November 5th. There are two ballot proposals.

The first is for a renewal of our current Sinking Fund, which provides the funds for the upkeep of our buildings, parking lots, and general maintenance.

The second is for our Bond Proposal that will address the safety and security, new educational facilities, technology and infrastructure.

The good news is that not only will there not be a tax increase for these proposals, but there will be a tax decrease. Here are the FAQs.

Empty Board Table and leather chairs
27 National Merit Semi-Finalists

27 National Merit Semi-Finalist for 2019

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation released the names of 27 Novi High School seniors who were named National Merit semi-finalists making Novi the top in the state and represents 7% of all in-state semi-finalists.

Congratulations to the following students who were named and making us so proud:

Saketh Addanki

James Chen

Scarlett Chen

Kashika Chhabra

Pracheeta Chordia

Rohan Deme

Shrey Devulapalli

Ashley Fan

Antara Gandhi

Srihari Ganesh

Jessican Jang

Mukund Jayaraju

Michelle Jecmen

Hannah Kim

Gabriel Luo

Vibha Makan

Bryan Nie

Bianca Palicha

Guari Patel

Riley Rich

Claire Roffi

Madeline Simmon

Katherin Song

Rahul Unniyampath

Jill Vaishnay

Linda Weng

Elizabeth Yang

Did you know that...