Success and Challenge

By: Bailey Rogers

Bush Domestic Challenge

George Bush who would become president promised that there would be tax cuts towards American citizens. George Bush thought or hoped that making tax cuts would trigger the economy.

Bush Foreign Challenges

There were many foreign challenges that Bush faced as president. But the one that I found most interesting was his famine in the third world countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. There were many other countries that were suffering from famine in the world, and this really concerned the president. The United Nations helped these countries by suppying them with food and water in what they were lacking.

Bush Domestic Success

One of Bush's domestic success was hopw he was able to successfully appoint Clarence Thomas, who would then become the second African American in the supreme court. Yet, it did take a while for the senate to confrim this action. But he did allow this to happen.

Bush Foreign Success

I am just going to describe one of his foriegn successes that we have covered during this class. One of Bush's main accomplishments over seas was operation desert storm. This was the first major air assult to happen to Iraq in the Persain Gulf War.

Clinton Domestic Challenges

The main challenge that president Clinton faced was the impeachment case of himself on the date of December 19, 1998. President Clinton was faced with impeachment because of an affair he was accused of having with a white house employee and he lied about it.

Clinton Foreign Challenges

A big foreign challenge that president Clinton faced was the Genocide that occurred in Rwanda during his time of presidency. Even though this was a challenge that he faced, Clinton did not do that much with the Genocide.

Clinton Domestic Success

Now when people think of Clinton they think of an awful person who "cheated with his wife" but yet he did some good things during his time of president. Some of his accomplishments were signing the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill made it harder to purchase a gun because it forced a back ground check.

Clinton Foreign Success

While Clinton was trying to improve the poor economy that he was given when he took office he was also a proponent of NAFTA. NAFTA is a type of trading agreement that increases the American imports to improve the American economy.