The Robotic Dog and Robby

By: Anna Liu 7K

Robby the robot

Robby the robot is a robot named Robby which comes out in MGM's 1956 film that is about science. In the film, Robby was invented by Dr. Mobius and was built to the requirements found in a alien computer system. Dr. Mobius built Robby as a robot who will assist the human crew while following Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics which was created in 1941. The movie was a big hit by then, a part because of Ronny the robot's personality which is optimist and funny. After that, because of the film, people created Robby the Robot toys and the toys became a huge seller.

The AIBO robotic pet dog

The AIBO robotic pet dog, the $2,000 "Artificial Intelligence RoBOt" is invented by the Company Sony in the year 1999. It was a robot dog designed to "learn" things that their 'owners' want them to learn by interacting with the environment it is in. It could respond to more than 100 voice commands and could talk back with normal language. It is like a pet dog that knows how to speak and understands most of the human's commands. It was actually even programmed to ignore some commands occasionally like real dogs because real dog doesn't like to listen to all of the human's commands.

Similarities of the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot

1. One thing that the AIBO robotic pet dog and Robby the robot both have is that they are all robots, humans give them orders for what to do when something happens. For example, when somebody is sad and a person feels bad for that person, the person could instruct the robot to do something to cheer the sad person up but, the robot could not decide to do things by themselves.

2. The second similarities between the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot is that they are all constructed to help humans with their needs or some mental/physical problem a person has. For example, a person is blind, a doctor could give that person a robot that is program specifically for helping blind people so that person will be able to do things in a easier and more efficient way.

Differences of the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot

1. The first difference that the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot has is that one is created to be a pet and cheer people up. Like a real dog, a friendly companion. The other one, Robby the robot is created to be a life saver, such as super man.

2. Second, the difference that the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot has is that the robotic pet dog was created in real life (you will be able to buy it right now) and, Robby the robot isn't. Robby the robot was actually created in a TV series as a character that's a robot.

Relation to "Tradition"

First for the similarities, the robotic pet dog and Robby are both robots and are made to help people with their problems. The reason that these are related to the topic tradition is because first, it's a scientist's tradition to make robots. Those people who studies robotics, they probably will at least make one robot in their life and, with so many people who does this, it becomes a tradition. Robots helping people is related to the topic tradition because, in this world, SO MANY people needs to be helped for coping their problems. Almost everybody needs to get help for at least once in their life time. So people constructed robots to take care of that and it's tradition because we know that robots will AT LEAST take care of one person in one year. Second for the differences, it is a tradition to someone in the world to have the robotic pet dog help them every day and to watch tv everyday and watch about Robby the robot and how he saved lives. The other one is that it's a tradition for people to create real life things and fake, made up, imagined things such as Robby the robot and the robotic pet dog. This is how those similarities and differences of the robotic pet dog and Robby the robot connects to the word Tradition.