The do's and don't's of surviving!

Some tips and advice for surviving in the wilderness!

Some things that you need to know

  • Try to find water first
  • Build a shelter as soon as possible
  • Try to find food
  • Try to heal any wounds or scars you have
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try and make a fire
  • Try to look for planes and at least try to get there attention
  • Watch out for wild animals
  • To eat, try to find small things
  • Be careful,be cautious, and stay motivated!

Some step by step tips

Well the first thing that is necessary is to build shelter.Then when you have your shelter make sure to make a fire so the bugs and most little animals can stay out of your shelter.Next you need to find water.Water is very important, so you might want to have a good amount of it.After that you need to find food.Food is not as important as water but still very necessary.Therefore if you follow all these steps you should have an easier time in the wildlife alone!