Bloody Times

about the civil war

Civil War

The book Bloody Times is about the P.O.Vs of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. Also it talks what happened during the civil war and why it did. Abraham Lincoln wanted to free all the slaves. When he was working on the north the south was not happy they wanted to keep there slaves so they wanted to retreat to there own country. But the north didn't want them to recede. So after many arguments the war started. Jefferson Davis a wealthily man and a well respected one so he was elected the president of the south. The north needed cotton from the south and the south needed weapons from the north. So there was a long a bloody war.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln wasn't from a rich family. He was a well respected and he ran for senator. He was not elected but that didn't stop him. Then he ran for office and was a respected and was voted in. That was when he wanted to free the slaves.