Penguin Party

I've seen the future. It's been shaped by Penguin.

About the Penguin Party

The Penguin Party is a party that cares about the well being of the people who live in this country and who have worked hard and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect it. The Penguin Party will do whatever is thought best to defend the United States of America.

What we mainly focus on

Guns - While gun laws will be strict, people will still be able to obtain a permit to carry guns in public.

Education - Children will have to attend school until they complete all 4 years of High School, unless the family can prove that it goes against what their religion believes.

Faith - Separation of church and state will remain in place, but a little more lenient then it is currently.

Jobs - Factories will be re-opened here so that we can being production back to America. This will also help out unemployment rate to decline because there will be more jobs available.

Security/Defense - Local and State police forces will have accuse to federal bureau re-enforcement if needed to protect the people.

People Who Support The Penguin Party

Why Should You Support Us?

Weather you support us or not, it us all up to you. Depending on what you believe the same things that we believe in or not, we all want what is best.

I hope that you have the same opinion.

Hope to see you at the Penguin Party!