HES' Husky Herald

November 19, 2021

Important Dates

November 24th - 26th: No School - Thanksgiving Recess

November 30th: Trimester 1 ends, report cards sent home Dec. 3rd

December 23rd - 31st: No School - Holiday Recess

Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Hello HES families, I hope you have had a great week. It has been lots of fun spending time in the classrooms. The staff at HES is so dedicated to our students and ensuring each is making progress. While in the Health/Wellness class, I was able to help students learn and practice jumping rope. Students were so excited to have the chance to work on their own or work together with a longer jump rope. Seeing the pride on students faces when they were able to successfully jump rope was priceless!

As I reflect upon all I am thankful for, I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your support as I have stepped into the Principalship at HES. I am so thankful for the amazing staff at HES and the caring students, it is a lvoely community! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and also a lovely Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends! Nicole

News from the HES PTO

The Hancock PTO held its first official meeting of the school year on Monday, November 15th via Zoom. It was great to see so many new faces! At our meeting, we were able to fill all of our open officer positions and get started on planning events and activities for the year. To start things off, be on the lookout for information about participating in the Buzzbook. This is a resource for families to share their contact information and connect with one another. As we approach the season of giving, we also have plans to sponsor a food drive to help those in need in our community and share classroom wish-lists created by teachers with items for families to donate. The PTO will meet regularly on the first Monday of every month at 5:30pm, at this time these meetings are being held remotely via Zoom. Please contact Lindsay (lcarter@conval.edu) if you are interested in attending a meeting.

Brrr...it's cold outside!

Winter is upon us. Please remember to send your child in with mittens or gloves, a warm hat, and jacket. Once the snow starts to fall, we will ask that you send in snow gear. We will be going outside for recess as long as it is above 10 degrees, so please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor wear. If you are in need of warm clothing items (including snowsuits, boots, etc...), please reach out to Nicole or Lindsay. There are many great resources in our area that are willing to help.

First Friends Preschool with Ms. Jenn

What are you happy to have? That is the question we talked about for the month of November. The preschool children are happy to have their families, their teachers, their classmates and their classroom toys and projects. We sent Thank You cards to important people in our classroom and we made lots of holiday themed projects. What are YOU happy to have?

Kindergarten with Mrs. Goodington

Another busy week in kindergarten! In literacy, we have been adding 's' to the end of CVC words to show multiple. We also introduced our first trick sound 'sh'! A sight word game went home today in the blue folder. Recognizing words by sight helps kids become more confident and fluent readers. In math, we are nearing the end of our shapes unit. Students are working on naming and describing 2d shapes square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, and circle as well as 3d shapes cube, cone, sphere, and cylinder. We are just beginning to talk about being authors by sharing our super creative play stories with puppets and other toys in the classroom.

1st Grade with Miss Harrington

First graders have been busy polishing their writing skills. We just finished our class book, You thought I was a Squiggle, and sent it to be published. We cannot wait for the final product to arrive! In math, we have been working hard on subtraction word problems and solving them with a variety of strategies. In science, we just finished our owl unit, ask your first grader about their favorite owl fact that the learned!

2nd Grade with Mrs. Shultz

Second grade is working on completing a piece of opinion writing on their favorite part of Thanksgiving. They have all done multiple drafts and will eventually get to type their writing. They are all very excited and complain when writing time is over. In math, we used money to show hundreds, tens, and ones. We have been counting up with hundreds, tens, and ones and will begin showing that counting with a number line.
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3rd Grade with Mrs. LaCroix

In 3rd grade we are learning how to measure liquids in liters and milliliters and finding the weight of items in grams and kilograms. Students are also working on telling time and determining elapsed time in math. We are wrapping up a bird research project in Science, which we will be inviting families to check out after our Thanksgiving break. We are hard at work writing opinion pieces about the best meal of the day. In grammar, we are learning all about the different types of nouns. We are focusing on plural nouns, singular nouns, proper nouns, common nouns, and pronouns. Students are also reading an expository text titled "Penguin Chick". Through this text, students are learning all about how penguins survive in such a cold environment and what it takes for a penguin chick to hatch and thrive. We are learning how to use a table of contents, headings, and a glossary while doing this reading.

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4th Grade with Mrs. Nevins

In 4th grade this week, students learned about singular possessive nouns, fact and opinion, and put their writing skills to work to create a "news" article. Each student picked one part of their 4th grade day to report on. In math, students are learning to use place value understanding to multiply up to 3-digit by 1-digit numbers using an area model and the partial product method. In Social Studies, we are just starting to explore the Abenaki Indians.
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Health/Wellness with Mrs. Parker

In Wellness, students have been learning how to jump rope, use the ball hop and thunder stick. They have also been learning about medicine safety, friendship and making good decisions.

On Tuesday, students will be participating in a turkey trot closing circle. They will challenge themselves to complete laps and have fun with our school community.

Don't forget to check out the HES website.

This website https://hes.convalsd.net/ as well as the classroom teacher's website will be updated regularly. Please take a peek for important information.

Flyers for Local Activities and Events:

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Water Bottles & Reusable Utensils

In an effort to reduce our single plastic use, please remember to send in reusable utensils with your child for snacks and home lunches.

Please also remember to send your child in with a reusable water bottle every day, even as we get into the colder months. (We are not currently using the water fountains due to COVID precautions.)

Do you have any extra water bottles or reusable utensils at home that you are not using and would be willing to donate to HES? If so, please send them in with your child and we will keep them in the classrooms to use as extras for those who forget theirs. Thank you!

Information about Free Lunch and Milk

Hello all, if your child orders hot lunch, it is free due to Federal Funding. However, if you child only orders a milk, there is a $.50 charge.