Washington ELC and NJSD 4K Program

Weekly Staff Newsletter

September 28th-October 2nd, 2015

This week's meetings/activities

Please review the meetings/activities for this week. I will indicate those that I am scheduled to attend by putting an (S) next to it. If you feel I missed something, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Monday, September 28:

3:00--Destiny training in library for WELC EA's (if you did not attend last Monday)

Tuesday, September 29:


Wednesday, September 30:

3:15--IEP mtgs. for Lucy & Olivia (S)

Thursday, October 1:

11:40--IEP for Delaney (S)

4:00--Happy Hour for Make-a-Wish at Ground Round!

Friday, October 2:

NJSD Homecoming

A look ahead:

Tuesday, October 6th: 4K students to sing at Board Meeting


I hope each of you got a little something out of the PLD this past Friday. I apologize for the "sit and get" that was part of our site time. It will be my goal to schedule in time for discussion and collaboration amongst all staff for our next PLD time in November. Things should be a lot smoother at that time and less procedural things will need to be covered.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the AM portion that covered PALS and handwriting.

Washington Staff Reminders/Updates!

Arrival of students:

Doors open at 8:15/12:00 sharp. All staff are expected to be in their designated place and ready to go at that time. One change that I would like to make is to have all EA's, except for the 4K EA that their classroom teacher is doing duty at the 4K door, will be on bus duty. All EA's should be ready to go outside to assist with bringing EC/4K students in from the buses. Please remain available for buses until Amy has indicated that all (or all but one) buses have arrived. At that time, EA's should report to the gym or hallway to assist getting their students to the classrooms.

Dismissal of students:

Doors open at 11:00/ 2:45. All BUS students should be in their designated bus spot by 10:55/2:40. Parent pick-ups can be at the doors at 11:00/2:45. All EA's should be on bus duty at this time (unless there is a substitute for your teacher at which time you can assist with parent dismissal).

Tuesday/Thursday Lunch & Recess EA's on Duty:

If you are on lunch duty, please report to the lunch table at 10:55, instead of helping with buses. Although Alan is there, I would like the EA on duty to be present as students arrive for lunch. If you are on recess duty, please be sure that all students are taken to their correct spots (in their gym line for 4K or in the hallway for Phono) before you report for bus duty at 12:00. Again, Alan is not responsible for this as he is there to assist and not be in charge.

Walking in lines:
This is getting better and better!! Please encourage students to walk in lines as you move throughout the building, as well as walking outside. I know this is a challenge for some, but remaining consistent with your expectations will assist in making this easier and easier. This is especially true for our bus lines. There will be some students that need to hold a hand, but for the most part our students can be successful walking in a line with little assistance.

Bus Changes for Monday!

There were a few adds/changes for our busing that are effective tomorrow! Amy will have an updated list and the hallway lists will be updated by bus time.

For tomorrow, I need for each classroom teacher at WELC to do the following on the Google Doc:

  • read through and make note of any changes (indicated by a 9.28.15 note)
  • if you need a new animal, please come to the office to get what is needed for your students (these are in a small coupon organizer in the office)
  • add or change animals to your student's bus tags when they come in tomorrow

Off-site 4K teachers:

  • Please monitor your Google list for changes
  • make new bus tags/change animals as needed

EP for Certified Staff

EP Calendar has been added to MyLearning Plan library.

Items to be working on:

  • We will be using PALS for our Building Goal
  • 4K teachers are welcome to work on an SLO as a whole group or in small groups/partners using PALS data; or you can complete your own SLO
  • EC teachers that do not have 4K students can work together or create their own SLO; due October 15th
  • I will keep everyone updated on the deadline for the SLO for 4K

To Do!

  • Send home the 1/2 sheet note for the October 6th Board Meeting with the 2-3 students you chose. If someone can't make it, please try to have at least 2 students come from your class. I think the students will do better with a nice size group.