Holmquist Hummingbirds

September 26th - September 30th

One Team, One Goal

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 6. Open House was a success! Parents and students were happy entering and leaving the building yesterday and it was because of YOU! As I walked the hallways, I saw packed classrooms and parents eager to listen to what was being said. They really appreciate you and what you do even when you think they do. Great job and enjoy your weekend!

On Time Club- Jean Pass for Wednesday - No ripped, torn, faded or distressed denim

Dennison, Tandon, Ventura, Kutiev, Polk, Baez-Salazar, Reyna, Payton, Tracy, Harris, Allie, Y. Sanchez, Karouni, Chowdhury, Owusu, Serralde, E. Martinez, Hite, Huynh, Ghani, Legra, Glover, Pitrucha, Day, Chavoya, Quezada, Tadesse, Jackson, Bourda, Ortiz, Revenaugh, Alvarado, J. Curry, Ponder, Foster, Cheng, Deal, Monroy, McElyea, George, Gonzalez, Hudson, Moreno, Eberle, A. Walker, Matinarazm, P. Hernandez, K. Hill, Maciel, Lopez, Argueta, THANKS FOR SHOWING UP ON TIME! YOUR COLLEAGUES APPRECIATE YOU!

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Dennison stayed afterschool to show Ms. Dabney and Ms. Alexander how to use Remind 101 in their classrooms. I love that they are trying to improve their parent-home connection
  • 4th grade teachers are doing a great job with dismissal
  • Dr. Reyna small group binder is immac
  • Ms. Nyan for presenting to Ms. Faye's class with a sub Superheros Students.
  • Mr. Gonzalez has been very helpful to Ms. Riley and she really appreciate his help and thoughtfulness. She expressed her appreciation to me. Way to go Mr. Gonzalez.
  • Ms. Dennison, Ms. Tandon and Ms. I. Martinez for leaving yesterday with a smile even though they had to stay the entire time for Open House.
  • Ms. Purdy, Ms. Morrison, Ms. Cavazos, Mr. Gonzalez, Ms. Chalupsky, Ms. Cheng, Ms. Brown, Ms. DeSauto, Coach Foster, Ms. Vallarta, Ms. McElyea for staying the entire time for Open House.
  • Ms. DeSauto and Ms. Chalupsky for staying on Wednesday for Open House for their grade level teachers.
  • Ms. Curry, Dr. Reyna and Mr. Tobon for thinking ahead and planning their Open House for Wednesday.
    • Ms.Solis and Ms. Dennis for letting staff members know they are of value and are appreciated

    • Ms.Arenstein for anticipating and meeting teams without request

    • Block team for their flexibility every day and working around other people’s changing schedules

  • 3rd grade team members are doing random acts of kindness for cafeteria and custodians this week. Way to go!
  • Kinder team members are sharing resources with each other
  • PK teachers appreciate their aides
  • Block teachers are happy and working together as a team
  • 4th grade teachers homework plan is working
  • 1st grade teachers are always volunteering and willing to help each other
  • 3rd grade teachers laugh a lot and celebrates together
  • Spec. Ed. teachers are happy working together
  • Content team members work together to problem solve
  • Social service team members are friendly
  • Paras are always willing to help and very flexible
  • Support team is always willing to help out.

Looking Ahead

Saturday, September 24th

LA/SS Lead Teacher Meeting

PK Training

Happy Birthday Ms. Day

Happy Birthday Mr. Bryant

Monday, September 26th

EDC 25

SDC Meeting - 3:40

CPM 1st Grade

Happy Birthday Ms. Dennison

Tuesday, September 27th

REID Mtg. 1-3:30

CPM Kinder

Wednesday, September 28th

AP Meeting

CPM 4th Grade Math

Happy Birthday Ms. K. Hill

Thursday, September 29th

EDC 28

Girl Scout Rally 3:30 - 5

Kimberly REEP Phone Conference 1:30 - 2:30

CPM 3rd Grade Math

Friday, September 30th

EDC 29

Progress Reports Due (See Email)

Fly Party

ILT Meeting

Update Data Sheet

Discipline Report Due

Circle Progress Monitoring

LA/Math 9-3

Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart

PLC - Team Norms/Admin

Monday - Kinder

Tuesday - 1st

Wednesday- 2nd

Thursday - 4th???

Friday - 3rd