conductors are things that will let electricity pass through them. Conductors consist of copper water and even humans.
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These are things that let some electricity through but not all you can find these things in computers and these stop then from over heating because to much electricity can cause heat.
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these let little to no electricity pass through and these are things like rubber and that is why you see rubber outlining a copper wire or any wire for that manor
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Comparing and contrasting Conductors and Semiconductors and Insulators

In the order from the most electricity to the least electricity there is the conductors that we would use in wires or land lines. Then would have the semiconductors which would let some electricity through but not all you would find these (like i said before) in computers to keep them from heating up. Then you have the insulators which completely block any electricity from getting through and that is why you put wire on copper because if you touched it with your bare hands then you would get shocked.