Solving Mysteries of the Brain

What They Do and Who Hires

Neurologists are basically brain doctors.  These doctors study the brain and make diagnoses concerning with the brain.  For example, if someone was in a car accident they could diagnose any injury to the head or brain.  They also diagnose life-time brain disorders such as a disorder a child may have, and then determine the best treatment.The companies that hire neurologist our highly prestiguous including: Harvard Medical, Kaiser Permanente, and The National Institute of Health.

Annual average salary of $206,000

Key Facts

To be a neurologist you need very good education, this education includes:- 4 years of pre-medical education at a college or university.- 4 years of medical school resulting in an MD or DO- 1 year of internship.- 3 years of specialty training.Not only do you have to have at least of the 12 years of education, you also need to be very self motivated to get you through this education.  Now once you become a neurologist you will need to be highly observant, empathetic, analytical, and have good communication skills.