Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

By: Liv Hedges

Born: March 27, 1845, Remscheid, Germany

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a famous scientist who is know for the invention of the X-Ray. Wilhelm was born on March 27 1845 in Remscheid, Germany. Wilhelm specialized in two things, X-Ray astronomy and Atomic Physics. In 1872 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Married Anna Bertha Ludwig. Together they had one child. Josephine Bertha Ludwig was Anna's brothers child witch they adopted at age six.

Early Life

When Wilhelm was 3 years old, his mother, father, and himself moved to Apeldoorn in The Netherlands. He was sent to a boarding school and proceeded to become a bad and misbehaving student but showed a love for nature and was frequently caught roaming in forests and open fields. In 1862 Wilhelm enrolled into a technical school at Utrecht where other student blamed him on several occasions and further continued to be unfairly expelled. After he was expelled he put the past behind him and in 1865 he was enrolled into the the University of Utrecht in Atomic Physics. After his studies Wilhelm became a qualified lecturer at Strasbourg University.

His Career & Achivements

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a German physicist who invented the X-Ray. While investigating cathode rays he noticed that some crystals where glowing while the tube was successful. Upon further investigation & experiments he noticed that the rays could pass through solid objects. He name them Röntgen rays now know as X-Rays. Wilhelm was also the first person to receive a Nobel Prize in any kind of physics.

How Wilhelm's Invention Affected the World

Wilhelm's invention affected our world because prior to his invention there was no way to look beneath what our eyes can see. So, if a patient walk into a office with a broken arm there would be no way to see if it it truly broken. But with his invention we can now see beneath the surface and better diagnose medical cases.

Died: February 10, 1923, Munich, Germany

The Birth House Of Wilhelm

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