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Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. Jim Morrison

The Media: Changing by The pages

What is the Media? It isn't an individual or a group, its the fourth branch of government. The general definition of the media is “the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely” ( The media is certainly not limited to that, today it has expanded on several levels. My understanding of the media isn't just the means of communication, but rather something that’s influencing all ages and their understanding and principles. The media is more influential today, that it’s referred to as the fourth branch of government.

Today there are those who are recognized more than others, but everyone and anyone has involvement. The media uses Propaganda, Slander, and Competitive tactics. The Media is no longer a radio talk show host who promote other people ideas, it’s a battle field of words that is expressed by those who get an enjoyment out of hearing the problems and criticizing others life styles, habit and beliefs.

There are a verity of influential companies that play a big part in The Media “Franchise”. There’s Twitter which promotes trending topics, Facebook is the connected, and LinkedIn is the information holder. These three companies are fairly different, but all share hold valuable information. The People, Glamour and Time magazines are the part of the media that draws in those who don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology but rather read about it. Magazines use has changed from only advertisements to gossip latest update on celebrity gossips/rumors and trending fashion.

Media Literacy is limiting influence of “mass media [and its] work” (Media Literacy). Media Literacy is also understanding how mass media produce meanings, how they are organized, and how to use them wisely. Those who are Media Literate realize what role it plays in their lives. Staying updated do not mean letting others run your decisions.

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Super Bowl précis

The National Security Agency in the Commercial, ““We’re There For You”, Encourages conspirators to morally accept their services. The National Security Agency expresses their claim by inferring the negative thoughts towards their exertion. The Commercial purpose is to state the reason behind their work in order to increase their acceptance by citizens. The commercial was humorous for citizens to smile and acknowledge the moral they provide.

NSA - Smile, We Know When You're Not

Leggings are Improving Success

Lawrenceville Georgia_ Nearly 600 High school students, girls specifically, have received enforcements for wearing leggings.

Many Principles has suggested that all students must wear leggings of all color and style twice a week in order to graduate. The original black is out of style and students must keep up with trend.

In a Statement, teachers complemented on students saying “those who wear leggings may receive additional college credits or perhaps be excused from class in order to be photographed for their astonishing attire”.

Leggings prices start at 100$ on sale and may be retailed at $200,000 for the rare limited edition series.

Colleges have awarded more than 2 million dollar in sponsorship to female high school students, who they say are inspiring to their peers.

Male students a Morebroke High school said “these girls are trend setters”.

Students must be flashy and competitive in order to get far in life, the grades don’t matter said Teacher of the year.

President of the national long leg modeling industry said ‘we would take applicants who have a taste for wearing leggings, whether she can model or not; it’s our model and legacy”.

Study has showed that those students who wear leggings everyday are positive role models and they soon will be the next Tyra bank or Nicki Minaj.

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Prediciting History: The Atomic Bomb

6th Dec, 1941: Roosevelt authorizes the Manhattan Project; FDR authorizes the Manhattan Engineering District for the purpose of creating an atomic bomb. It was an investment of $2 Billion, which was used to build a full gaseous diffusion. They came up with the name "Manhattan Project" to disguise the forming of the bomb. The Atomic bomb was just a proto type at the moment which the Americans didn’t anticipate to use.

7th Dec, 1941 Attack on The White House, Just before 8 in the morning hundreds of Mexicans fighter planes attacked the American Presidential Building. The barrage lasted just two hours, but it was devastating: The Mexicans destroyed nearly 5 billion in damages, including 1000miles radius along with several thousand houses/business.

After the assault, FDR declared war on Mexico; this introduced the US in to WWII. The attack was tragic as many Americans lives were lost.

16th Jul, 1945 First Atomic Bomb Dropped, The first nuclear weapon was detonated as a test by the United States at the Trinity site, exploded at Los Alamos, with a yield approximately equivalent to 20 kilotons.

21st Jul, 1945, President Truman Orders for bombs to be used, Truman held knowledge of the bomb being formed, the ability to end the war was in his hands, but it involved exposing the worst weapon known to man. The decision to drop the Atomic Bomb came about because of the Mexican Leaders rejection of the Post dam Declaration.

6th Aug, 1945 Little Boy was dropped, the mushroom cloud billowing up 20,000 feet over Mexico City. It was the first nuclear weapon to be used and developed by Manhattan Project during WWII.

9th Aug, 1945 Fat Man was dropped, the second nuclear weapon to be used. It was dropped on Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico. It was 10,213 pounds, 10.7 feet long and 5 feet wide. It was round and fat, that’s how it got its name "Fat Man". The drop of the Fat man struck ten time destructive, cause ten times the deaths. Proving how deadly science could be upon the human race.

2nd Sep, 1945 Mexico announces formal surrender, Mexican representatives signed the official Instrument of Surrender, prepared by the War Department and approved by President Truman. It set out in eight short paragraphs the complete capitulation of Mexico. The opening words, "We, acting by command of and in behalf of the president Miguel Alemán," signified the importance attached to the President role by the Americans who drafted the document. Mexico has suffered too much and realized its people can no longer face the terror of million deaths in a split second.

I chose this history to change because this event is considered one of the most important in the American history. The drop of the atomic bomb made a difference in whether we the Americans are going to be eating sushi for the rest of our life or do as we please whether its throwing up our red white and blue flag and displaying our pride.

Kanye West – No Church in the Wild

I chose this song because it had several examples of dystopian propaganda. During the first few verses Kanye addresses that power deprive from belief and faith, if an individual does not believe and has faith in his religion then his mindset as well will change. A god is not a god without believers, a king is not a king with out servants. He clearly promoting a non religion society similar to 1984. He continue to address the corruption that lies in religion but implementing that throughout history religious leaders has shown corruption.

He then states that he is the new god, his desire continues too drive him, as he goes through the hardship he still achieve success no matter what it takes. He then states that love is replacement of religion and those who look unto him has allowed him to solve their scripture. He then goes back and addresses religion saying that all the elitist were right, we all have love in us there for god is love and not an individual.

No Church In The Wild

"No Church In The Wild"

[Frank Ocean]
Human beings in a mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

We make it out alive
All right, all right
No church in the wild

Tears on the mausoleum floor
Blood stains the coliseum doors
Lies on the lips of a priest
Thanksgiving disguised as a feast
Rollin’ in the Rolls-Royce Corniche
Only the doctors got this, I’m hidin’ from police
Cocaine seats
All white like I got the whole thing bleached
Drug dealer chic
I’m wonderin’ if a thug’s prayers reach
Is Pious pious cause God loves pious?
Socrates asks, “Whose bias do y’all seek?”
All for Plato, screech
I’m out here ballin’, I know y’all hear my sneaks
Jesus was a carpenter, Yeezy, laid beats
Hova flow the Holy Ghost, get the hell up out your seats

[Frank Ocean]
Human beings in a mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

We make it out alive
All right, all right
No church in the wild

I live by you, desire
I stand by you, walk through the fire
Your love is my scripture
Let me into your encryption

[Kanye West:]
Coke on her black skin made a stripe like a zebra
I call that jungle fever
You will not control the threesome
Just roll the weed up until I get me some
We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there’s permission’
And deception is the only felony
So never fuck nobody wit’out tellin’ me
Sunglasses and Advil
Last night was mad real
Sun comin’ up, 5 a.m.
I wonder if they got cabs still
Thinkin’ ’bout the girl in all-leopard
Who was rubbin’ the wood like Kiki Shepard
Two tattoos, one read “No Apologies”
The other said “Love is cursed by monogamy”
That’s somethin’ that the pastor don’t preach
That’s somethin’ that a teacher can’t teach
When we die, the money we can’t keep
But we probably spend it all ’cause the pain ain’t cheap

[Frank Ocean:]
Human beings in a mob
What’s a mob to a king?
What’s a king to a god?
What’s a god to a non-believer?
Who don’t believe in anything?

Will he make it out alive
All right, all right
No church in the wild
No church in the wild
No church in the wild
No church in the wild

Class Refection

This class is without arguing the most educating and real world connection class throughout my high school career. Starting of the semester we began learning about the media and its significance to today, clarified the negative and positive of using it. Through the chapter I better understood the importance that mass media has on what information people are feed and which propaganda is promoted. Now when I use social media platforms I can use it at best and make it possible to keep both myself and my information safe while using it to my benefits. After the social media chapter we then moved onto learning how to summarize columns, books, chapters, articles etc. We analyzed the reason why it was written by using a summary method known as précis. While working with précis we analyzed super bowl commercial, we also analyzed events that were trending at the time. After the précis chapter we started reading the 1984 by George Orwell, which exploited a dystopian society. In the book the government knows as big brother tampered with information they gave out to always look right. We then did an assignment to write a column on a historian event in time and change what happened. After we were done with the book we did another assignment that required us to find a theme song for the book. I personally enjoyed the book to the fullest. This class is very different from an ordinary 12th grade senior language because it’s more relating and useful. I enjoyed this class and will graduate take it once more if I could. Discussion in this class was remarkable and allowed everyone to express their opinions and open up in an educational atmosphere. I learned a lot from this class and look forward to using what I learned and using it in the future.