Science 10, 20, 30

Apps To Use In Grade 10-12 Science Class

Keep on top of your courses with these three helpful apps!

Study Blue

StudyBlue provides intelligent learning tools that empower more than 10 million students to study smarter. Both students and teachers can upload their courses which can include study guides, flashcards, notes, and more. Other students can then search their school and view course materials posted by other students and teachers in order to help them study for tests and finish course material. Access an online version here.
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Ripple Effect For Teens

Ripple effect for Teens is an app that teaches students the equivalent programme of PSHE (Personal and social education) found in UK schools. The app is a secure personal project based application that covers over 400 teen related tutorials from health to academic success to personal goal setting. The Ripple Effect for Teens is tailored for male or female users and suitable for ages 13 years and up. As the website suggests, “There are many right ways to use it - for systematic training, for targeted prevention, or for individualized intervention and guidance. It can be applied reactively, to deal with specific issues in a few minutes, and proactively, over time, to boost academic achievement, change behaviour, reduce substance use, and promote healthy choices. It’s designed to be used how you need it, when you need it – throughout the school and in the community.” - See more here.

Book Widgets

A great programme for 1:1 iPads where teachers have a wealth of facilities to create resources to track students understanding of concepts, from a straight forward exit poll to some sophisticated and engaging quizzes. See more here.
How to Use Dropbox - basic guide into dropbox
Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service (sometimes referred to as an online backup service) that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration. View more information online here.