Alternative Energy Resources

By Carly and Brady

Solar Power

We live on a solar planet.The sun is our ultimate energy source.The worlds plants rely on solar power because the plants need to capture sunlight.To create solar power solar cells collect the suns warmth.The sun is endlessly renewable.

Nuclear Energy

When the center of uranium is split hot enegy is released.The heat energy is used to heat water into steam.Which turns turbines to produce electricity.Nuclear reactors in 32 countries provide 16 percent of the worlds electricity

Biomass energy

Biomass energy uses plants materials and animal waste as sources of fuel,wood,and charcol.Biomass energy is a small but growing energy source.Wood is burned directly to produce electricity into the power plant.

Water Power

The water is a valuable source of energy.We use it to provide the power to operate machines,to light and heat our homes,,offices and factories.Water is a renewable resouce because it can be used again,and again,and again.It is not in danger of running out.

Wind Power

Wind energy is made by generators to produce electricity.We have been harnessing the winds electricity or power for hundreds of years.

Alternative energy quiz

  • How do you create solar power?
  • How is wind energy made? How long have we been using it?
  • What do we use water power for?
  • How do we make biomass energy?
  • How many percent of nuclear reactors power the worlds electricity?

Answers to alternative energy quiz

Solar cells collect the suns warmth

It is made by generators to produce electricity. We have been using it for hundreds of years

We use it to provide power to heat homes and to light them

Wood is burned directly to produce electricity