Graduation Tea

Tablescape for Class of 2015

Theme: Sweet Vintage Chic

Forever Young and the Restless

Forever Young and Restless

Saturday, May 9th 2015 at 3pm

10865 Preston Rd

Frisco, TX

Allison is Graduating!

Look at the time,

Can it Be?

Its Time for Tea ~ Time to Celebrate With Me!

Come decked out in your best Vintage too

I can't wait to celebrate my graduation with you!

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Place Setting


Drinks: Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade, Assortment of Hot Teas

Sandwiches: Strawberry Jam, Turkey and Cheese

Desserts: Cake Balls, Brownies, Fruit, Mini Cheesecake

Small candy bar with colorful candy assortment

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Flowers included: peonies, hydrangeas, chamomile daisies

Type of arrangement- Assymetrical, round

Process- Cut flowers, place mass flowers first, add filler last

tools: water and container

Decorative Elements